Recreational courses

Here you will find all possible SSI training courses from beginner programs to courses for very experienced divers. Contact us for a full list of courses.


This program is perfect for those who want to try scuba diving. The course consists of two lessons, the first lesson is in shallow water and the second is scuba diving in open water.

Price: 110 EUR


This program is suitable for diving students who do not have time to complete the Open Water Diver program. In the program, students will gain the training and experience needed for safe diving under the supervision of a dive professional.

Price: 320 EUR


It is the most represented diving category in the world. This qualification means that the diver has mastered the basic theory and techniques for diving. The course consists of six theoretical lessons, five practical lessons in the pool or in closed water, and five practical lessons in open water. The certification entitles you to dive in pairs to a depth of 18 meters all around the world. The minimum age to qualify is 10 years – JUNIOR OPEN WATER DIVER.

Price: 430 EUR
Price with accommodation: 505 EUR


This course is for those who want to take the certification to the next level and at the same time do not know which way to go. The course consists of an introduction to five specialties of your choice, which can be completed for an additional fee and obtain Advanced Diver certification. In the case of deep specialization, the student is entitled to scuba diving up to 30 meters. Contact us for available specializations.

Price: 355 EUR

Price with accommodation: 430 EUR


This course is for divers who, in addition to mastering first aid, are able to recognize and prevent stressful situations in which an inexperienced diver may find himself. Recognizing stress and other potential diving accidents as well as providing first aid underwater and on the surface are skills acquired in this course. The course consists of two theoretical lessons and four lessons in water.

Price: 375 EUR


React Right is a first aid and CPR (heart massage) course. The course is suitable for both divers and the general public. React Right can be extended to include training with an automatic defibrillator and pure oxygen for first aid diving accidents.

Price 185 EUR