Diving sites


Our flagship boat dive. Beautiful topography, sting rays and turtles… This is a must-see!

Max. depth: 35m

Level: AOWD


Very popular dive site in a small town of Abades. Two beautiful reefs, trumpet fish cave & sea grass with some turtles swimming around.

Max. depth: 15m

Level: OWD


One of the most popular sites on the island. A beautiful ship wreck with rich marine life all around it.

Max depth: 35m

Level: AOWD

Las Eras

Located in a small town of the same name, this site offers a long wall with a cave and a tiny Buddha statue.

Max. depth: 30m

Level: OWD

El Balito

A bit more challenging to get to by our van but it’s totally worth the trouble. Amazing topography, swim-throughs and caves. One of our favorites.

Max depth: 30m

Level: AOWD

Montaña Amarilla

Another beautiful site suitable for all levels. Rich in marine life and gorgeous rock structures.

Max. depth: 25m

Level: OWD